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Recommended Browser Add-ons

uBlock Origin Block ads and trackers
Decentraleyes Emulate content delivery networks locally for speed and privacy
ClearURLs Automatically remove tracking elements from URLs
FastForward Automatically skips annoying link shorteners
SponsorBlock Automatically skip sponsor segments in YouTube videos
Bypass Paywalls Clean Automatically bypass paywalls on supported news sites
Sidebery Side-bar hierarchical tab tree & container manager
Tab Session Manager Save and restore the state of windows and tabs

Recommended Software

Microsoft Activation Scripts Activate Windows and Office with HWID, Ohook, KMS38 or a hosted KMS
Ventoy Create a multiboot USB that can load ISO, WIM, IMG, VHD(x) and EFI files. Good replacement for Rufus.
Rufus Create bootable USB drives the easy way
Open Shell Windows 7 Start Menu for Windows 10, Successor to Classic Shell
WizTree Disk space analyser (faster and maintained alternative to WinDirStat)
Technitium DNS Server Self hosted local DNS server with inbuilt DoT, DoH and ad blocking
Firefox Offline Installer for All User Accounts
Google Chrome 32bit 64bit Offline Installer for All User Accounts
Google Chrome MSI MSI installer for network deployments
Brave Chromium based browser with some Google stuff removed and tracker protection
LibreWolf Firefox fork with a focus on privacy, security and freedom
MAS Win & Office Download MS techbench download link generator (downloads come from *
ShutUp10 Windows 10 telemetry and spy removal tool
Never10 Stop automatic upgrades from Windows 7 & 8.1 to 10
Winaero Tweaker Windows 7 to 11 tuner and tweaker
Snappy Driver Installer Origin Driver update tool with included SamLab driver pack
NirSoft Useful password recovery tools
Medicat USB Diagnostic collection packaged into Ventoy
VLC Media Player FOSS multimedia player

Hosted Software

Inpaint 5.6 Magically remove elements from your photos + Serial
KeyFinder A freeware utility that retrieves your Product Keys Official Website
SpaceSniffer v1.3.0.2 Disk space usage visualisation (Portable exe without the manuals) Official Website
QuickPic QuickPic 4.5.2 (Last good version before Cheetah Mobile made it botnet) XDA Discussion
RecoverKeys Product Key Finder for 10,000+ programs + PreActivated Official Website
Universal Terminal Server Patch Enable concurrent RDP sessions on Windows 7, Vista & XP
WindowsLoader v2.2.2 Activator for all versions of Windows 7
DISM GUI 4.0 GUI for DISM Official Website
Felistar Webscraper + Full Version
Windows Live Essentials 2012 Last version of Windows Movie Maker before microsoft discontinued it
Xpadder v5.7 Map controllers to virtual keyboard and mouse + PreActivated
Notes for Android v1.5.6 Last version of the simple notes app before removal from Google Play

Useful Privacy Focused Websites

PRISM BREAK Help make mass surveillance of entire populations uneconomical by encrypting your communications
Privacy Tools Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance Online Spyware Classification Project
Privacy Heroes An alliance of privacy-focused online services
Permanent.Cloud List of apps you can run in your personal cloud
Awesome Self Hosted A directory of free software solutions and web applications which can be hosted locally
Awesome SysAdmin A curated list of awesome SysAdmin tools, software and resources
Awesome Piracy List of piracy related tools and websites


SHADOW53 - No GAPPS Setup Guide for Android
Play blu-ray discs on VLC